Global Sustainability Emphasis MEM

Program Requirements 

All Biology majors require the 26-credit Biology Nucleus.

Biology Nucleus
BIOL 150Biological Principles (with laboratory) (GT-SC1)4
BIOL 151Diversity and Patterns of Life (with laboratory)4
BIOL 301General Ecology3
BIOL 310Cell Biology3
BIOL 312Genetics (with recitation)4
CHEM 111General Chemistry I (GT-SC2)3
CHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I (GT-SC1)1
CHEM 113General Chemistry II3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Laboratory II1
Total Credits26

(beyond required Core courses)

Nine credits of (choose any combination with a global theme):

ENVS 620Studies in Sustainable and Resilient Communities3
ENVS 623Studies in Environmental Management1-6
ENVS 625Studies in Integrative and Public Land Management3
Masters Project Requirement
ENVS 690MEM Project Development5
ENVS 694Master's Project and Portfolio 19
Total Credits21-26