Global Sustainability Emphasis MEM

Program Requirements 

All Biology majors require the 26-credit Biology Nucleus.

Biology Nucleus
BIOL 150Biological Principles (with laboratory)4
BIOL 151Diversity and Patterns of Life (with laboratory)4
BIOL 301General Ecology3
BIOL 310Cell Biology3
BIOL 312Genetics (with recitation)4
CHEM 111General Chemistry I3
CHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM 113General Chemistry II3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Laboratory II1
Total Credits26

(beyond required Core courses)

Nine credits of (choose any combination with a global theme):

ENVS 620Studies in Sustainable and Resilient Communities3
ENVS 623Studies in Environmental Management1-6
ENVS 625Studies in Integrative and Public Land Management3
Masters Project Requirement
ENVS 690MEM Project Development5
ENVS 694Master's Project and Portfolio 19
Total Credits21-26