Music Comprehensive Major: Business Empahsis

Program Requirements

A minimum of 66 credits is required including the 28-credit Musicianship Core:

All Music majors require the 28-credit Musicianship Core, 14  or 21 credits from the Performance Curriculum (depending upon  the  emphasis), the six credits (or the equivalent) of foreign language (not required for the Music Education Emphasis), and Concert and Convocation Attendance Course (must be taken each semester of residence with a “Satisfactory” grade a minimum of six semesters). A minimum grade of “C” is required in all Music courses counted toward the major. To qualify for graduation all Music majors must meet performance requirements and piano proficiency.

Musicianship Core
MUS 128Theory of Music Laboratory I1
MUS 129Theory of Music I3
MUS 130Theory of Music Laboratory II1
MUS 131Theory of Music II3
MUS 140Introduction to Music3
MUS 212Introduction to Music Technology1
MUS 253Theory of Music Laboratory III1
MUS 254Theory of Music III3
MUS 255Theory of Music Laboratory IV1
MUS 256Theory of Music IV3
MUS 352History of Music3
MUS 353History of Music3
MUS 491Seminar in Research2
Total Credits28

14 credits in Musical Performance (seven credits from Major Performing Organizations or Small Ensembles and seven credits from Private Lessons), the one-credit MUS 312 , Performance Requirement (MUS 400 Senior Recital / Senior Project, or MUS 499 Internship in Music), Piano Proficiency, the six-credit foreign language requirement, Concert and Convocation Attendance

The Performance Curriculum consists of courses in Conducting, Major Performing Organizations, Small Ensembles, and Private Lessons.

The specific major performing organization required is determined by major instrument or voice.

MUS 250Beginning Conducting: Choral and Instrumental2
Major Performance Organizations
courses may be repeated
MUS 101Orchestra1
MUS 102Band1
MUS 104Chorus1
MUS 301Orchestra1
MUS 302Band1
MUS 304Chorus1
Small Ensembles
courses may be repeated
MUS 121Instrumental and Vocal Chamber Music0.5-1
MUS 321Instrumental and Vocal Chamber Music1
MUS 105Opera1
MUS 305Opera1
Private Lessons
courses may be repeated
MUS 180Piano1-2
MUS 181Organ1-2
MUS 182Voice1-2
MUS 183Violin1-2
MUS 184Viola1-2
MUS 185Cello1-2
MUS 186Contra Bass1-2
MUS 187Flute1-2
MUS 188Oboe1-2
MUS 189Clarinet1-2
MUS 190Bassoon1-2
MUS 191Saxophone1-2
MUS 192Trumpet1-2
MUS 193French Horn1-2
MUS 194Trombone1-2
MUS 195Baritone1-2
MUS 196Tuba-Private Lessons1-2
MUS 197Special Topics1-2
MUS 198Percussion1-2
MUS 380Piano1-2
MUS 381Organ1-2
MUS 382Voice1-2
MUS 383Violin1-2
MUS 384Viola1-2
MUS 385Cello1-2
MUS 386Contra Bass1-2
MUS 387Flute1-2
MUS 388Oboe1-2
MUS 389Clarinet1-2
MUS 390Bassoon1-2
MUS 391Saxophone1-2
MUS 392Trumpet1-2
MUS 393Trumpet1-2
MUS 394Trombone1-2
MUS 395Baritone1-2
MUS 396Tuba1-2
MUS 398Percussion1-2

Foreign Language

Six credits of foreign language are required in the Music Emphasis and Business Emphasis. This requirement may be fulfilled by passing the appropriate CLEP test if sufficient skill has been attained.

Concert and Convocation Attendance

All Music majors must take MUS 000 Concert and Convocation Attendance each semester in residence. Six semesters of MUS 000 Concert and Convocation Attendance with a grade of “satisfactory” are required of all Music majors prior to graduation.

Performance Requirements for Majors

In order to qualify for graduation, all Music majors must pass specific levels of performance as judged by a jury of Music faculty. All Music Education majors must also present a senior recital (MUS 400 Senior Recital / Senior Project). Majors in the Music Emphasis and the Business Emphasis may elect MUS 400 Senior Recital / Senior Project, or MUS 499 Internship in Music. Please contact the Music Department for exact requirements.

Piano Proficiency

All students with a Music Major or Minor must pass the piano proficiency examination by the end of the required theory sequence. MUS 173 Piano class, MUS 174 Piano Class, MUS 275 Piano Class, and MUS 276 Piano Class, may be taken for elective credits to prepare for the exam. Please contact the Music Department for exact requirements.

And the following:

ACC 201Introduction to Financial Accounting3
BUAD 210Legal Environment of Business3
MUS 212Introduction to Music Technology3
BUAD 270Principles of Marketing3
BUAD 333Organizational Behavior3
CS 120Professional Computer Skills3
or BUAD 220 Spreadsheets and Analysis
ECON 201Macroeconomics3
or ECON 202 Microeconomics
Total Credits21