Leslie J. Savage Library

The librarians and staff of the Leslie J. Savage Library provide information, resources, and services designed to advance the intellectual and personal development of members of the university community. Savage Library provides a welcoming environment and is a gathering place for discovery, learning, and engagement. When classes are in session, library services are available seven days a week. 

The library’s collections include materials in all formats. To assist residential and distance students, the library uses electronic resources extensively to facilitate identifying and accessing materials that contribute to student and faculty research. In addition to over 250,000 volumes and 3,500 films, the library’s collections include access to over 80,000 electronic books and over 60 electronic databases. Special collections include federal and state government documents, books on local history, and the University archives. 

The library makes extensive use of electronic databases to facilitate identifying and locating desired materials. Using the library’s catalog, the search for information can be extended to libraries and databases throughout the United States. Through the library’s resource sharing services, all students can borrow materials from other libraries nationwide. 

Western Colorado University is a member of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, a consortium of research, public, and educational institutions that share resources and enhance access to research materials. Savage Library participates in Prospector, a unified catalog of research libraries in Colorado and Wyoming, which is used extensively by students and faculty for discovering research materials. 

Librarians and library staff assist students in becoming skilled at using the full range of information resources and services. In addition to helping individuals identify and locate desired information, librarians offer group and individual instruction on developing research skills.