Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH 107.  Introduction to General Anthropology (GT-SS3).  (3 Credits)  

A general introduction to anthropology. All three sub-fields of modern anthropology:cultural anthropology (archaeology and ethnography), physical anthropology, and linguistics are covered. GT-SS3

ANTH 197.  Special Topics.  (1-6 Credits)  
ANTH 218.  Physical Anthropology (with laboratory).  (4 Credits)  

An examination of biological variation in modern human populations and biologicalevolution of humans as shown by the fossil record. Additional course fee applies. Prerequisite: ANTH 107.

ANTH 219.  Archaeology (with laboratory).  (4 Credits)  

A study of the methods and theory of modern archaeology. The emphasis is on how archaeologists understand the past. A general chronology of world prehistory is presented. Additional course fee applies. Prerequisite: ANTH 107.

ANTH 230.  Cultural Anthropology (with laboratory).  (4 Credits)  

An exploration of ethnographic theory and methods, and a cross-cultural and comparative examination of societies studied by ethnographers. Additional course fee applies. Prerequisite: ANTH 107.

ANTH 292.  Independent Study.  (1-4 Credits)  
ANTH 297.  Special Topics.  (1-6 Credits)  
ANTH 320.  Cultural Ecology.  (3 Credits)  

An examination of key perspectives, theories, and methods in the study of ecological anthropology. Students learn about the use and definition of the environment by groups from different cultural backgrounds, and build a comparative perspective in so doing. The focus is on contemporary groups, but archaeological examples are used as comparison and to build time-depth in our understanding of cultural ecology. Prerequisite:ANTH 107 or instructor permission.

ANTH 322.  Analysis of Material Culture (with laboratory).  (4 Credits)  

A lab course training students in analytical methods in anthropology. Students areresponsible for a major project in which they carry out all phases of anthropologicalresearch, including research design, background research, hypothesis, analysis, and presentation of results. Materials studied include lithics, fauna, ceramics, and botanical remains. An excellent preparation for (or follow-up to) the Archaeological Field School. Prerequisite: ANTH 219.

ANTH 333.  Archaeology of Colorado.  (3 Credits)  

A detailed look at the archaeological sequences of Colorado with an emphasis on western Colorado. Time periods from Paleo-Indian to Historic are described. This course is a recommended preparatory course for the Archaeological Field School in Colorado or the Archaeological Field Trip. Prerequisite: ANTH 219.

ANTH 344.  Indians of North America.  (3 Credits)  

A detailed look at the native people found in North America and their relationships to each other and the non-native settlers of North America. Several case studies are examined in depth. Prerequisite: ANTH 107 or instructor permission.

ANTH 355.  Medical Anthropology.  (3 Credits)  

An examination of medical systems from various cultural groups, focusing on beliefs, methods of healing, health practitioners, and medical pluralism. Prerequisite: ANTH 107.

ANTH 369.  Anthropology Field Trip.  (1-3 Credits)  

A field study of archaeological and ethnographic cultures in the western United States. Students camp and tour ancient sites, modern Native American towns, and anthropological museums. This course may be taken for a maximum of six credits.

ANTH 392.  Independent Study in Anthropology.  (1-4 Credits)  
ANTH 397.  Special Topics.  (1-6 Credits)  
ANTH 465.  Senior Research Seminar.  (3 Credits)  

A study of the history and intellectual growth of anthropology is paired with individual work on student projects, which employ theory and methods discussed in class. Students present their work to the university community. Prerequisite: Senior standing; or instructor permission.

ANTH 467.  Ethnography Field School.  (4 Credits)  

A field experience in cultural anthropology in which students are immersed in the culture, traditions, and lifeways of a group of people, learning methods of inquiry and anthropological perspectives through hands-on experiences. This course may be taken for a maximum of eight credits. Prerequisite: ANTH 230 or instructor permission.

ANTH 469.  Archaeology Field School.  (4 Credits)  

A field-experience course in which students learn and perform proper fieldtechniques. Some laboratory work may be involved. This course is offered during the summer session and may be taken for a maximum of eight credits. Additional course fee applies. Prerequisites: ANTH 219 or instructor permission.

ANTH 492.  Independent Study.  (1-4 Credits)  
ANTH 497.  Special Topics.  (1-6 Credits)