Adult Degree Completion - Business Communication Major

Program Requirements

A 48-credit comprehensive business emphasis with attention to communication and messaging strategies for improving workplace outcomes.

ACC 201Introduction to Financial Accounting3
ADC 300Degree to Career Success1
ADC 490Capstone3
BUAD 185Business Communication3
BUAD 270Principles of Marketing3
BUAD 300Business Ethics3
BUAD 333Organizational Behavior3
BUAD 335Marketing Communications3
BUAD 350Human Resource Management3
BUAD 355Finance for the Non-Financial Manager3
BUAD 397Special Topics (Introduction to Sales)2
COM 274Public Relations Communication3
COM 346Multimedia Communication3
COM 371Small Group and Conflict Management3
COM 375Social Media Skills3
COM 377Intercultural Communication in the Digital Age3
ENG 302Technical Writing3
Total Credits48

Digital Marketing Specialization (optional with Business Communication major):  

ART 173Foundation Design: Digital Art and Design3
BUAD 327Social Media Marketing3
BUAD 345Consumer Behavior3
COM 474Campaign Planning in Advertising and Public Information3
Plan of Study Grid
Year One
ADC 300 Degree to Career Success 1
BUAD 185 Business Communication 3
COM 274 Public Relations Communication 3
BUAD 270 Principles of Marketing 3
COM 375 Social Media Skills 3
COM 377 Intercultural Communication in the Digital Age 3
ENG 302 Technical Writing 3
Year Two
ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
BUAD 333 Organizational Behavior 3
BUAD 335 Marketing Communications 3
COM 346 Multimedia Communication 3
BUAD 300 Business Ethics 3
Year Three
BUAD 355 Finance for the Non-Financial Manager 3
COM 371 Small Group and Conflict Management 3
BUAD 350 Human Resource Management 3
ADC 490 Capstone 3
 Total Credits46

Optional Digital Marketing Specialization

Plan of Study Grid
Year Four
ART 173 Foundation Design: Digital Art and Design 3
BUAD 327 Social Media Marketing 3
BUAD 345 Consumer Behavior 3
COM 474 Campaign Planning in Advertising and Public Information 3
 Total Credits12