Design (DES)

Our cutting-edge design program is poised to transform the approach to creativity and innovation. Tailored for individuals embarking on their creative journey, our program aims to inspire and empower students to push the boundaries of design. The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design provided by our institution is not just highly pertinent but also incredibly advantageous for those exploring career paths in art and design, strategic communications, film and theater, and computer science.

In addition to the foundational Graphic Design courses, students can further specialize by opting for an Art and Design Pathway. This additional pathway equips students with technical expertise in design software, a profound grasp of design principles, and the capability to conceptualize and execute artistic visions, all of which are indispensable in art-related fields.

Effective communication is essential for conveying messages, establishing brands, and captivating audiences. Students focusing on strategic communications can refine their skills by selecting this pathway. Graphic design plays a crucial role in strategic communications by translating complex concepts into compelling visuals. Through this pathway, students cultivate proficiency in storytelling and audience engagement, essential components for crafting persuasive communication strategies and impactful visual campaigns.

Graphic design training furnishes students with a comprehensive skill set encompassing layout design, typography, motion graphics, and digital imaging. This equips them to collaborate seamlessly with professionals in the entertainment industry such as filmmakers, producers, and art directors with the film and theater pathway.

Our degree program empowers individuals with the creative, technical, and strategic proficiencies necessary to thrive in various fields where visual communication is key. A Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design offers a versatile skill set perfectly aligned with diverse career pathways, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to engage audiences and effectively convey messages across different industries.

Participating in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Graphic Design will necessitate the student’s immersion in design methods, processes, materials, and visual language. This program will also broaden the students grasp of the variety and profundity of design practices. Moreover, the student can tailor their educational journey by selecting from a diverse array of campus wide electives that align with their own research. 

In their senior year, Design majors exhibit their senior show in the Quigley Gallery. 

Design Program Goals:

Empowering Creative Visionaries through Graphic Design Excellence

At Western Colorado University's Graphic Design Program, our vision is to cultivate a dynamic community of artists, innovators, and communicators who leverage design as a powerful tool for positive change. Rooted in a foundation of creativity, technical expertise, and critical thinking, our program is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of design leaders who shape the visual landscape of tomorrow.

• Being able to identify design problems, generate innovative solutions, and effectively communicate their design process and rationale.
• Developing proficiency in using design software, tools, and techniques. 
• Effectively communicate ideas and concepts visually through various mediums such as sketches, digital renderings, diagrams, and prototypes.
• Understand the principles of design theory and its historical context and be able to apply this knowledge to their own design practice.
• Critically evaluate their own work and the work of others, considering factors such as aesthetics, functionality, usability, and cultural implications.

Our goal is to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving design landscape. Whether they pursue careers as freelance designers, in-house creatives, entrepreneurs, or design educators, our alumni are poised to make a lasting impact through their creative vision, technical proficiency, and commitment to excellence.