Geology Comprehensive Major: Environmental Geology Emphasis

Program Requirements

The Environmental Geology Emphasis requires a minimum of 73 credits:

GEOL 101Physical Geology3
GEOL 105Physical Geology Laboratory1
GEOL 201Historical Geology (with laboratory)4
GEOL 302Geoscience Writing2
GEOL 305Mineralogy (with laboratory)4
GEOL 310Stratigraphy and Sedimentation (with laboratory)4
GEOL 311Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (with laboratory)4
GEOL 320Geomorphology (with laboratory)4
GEOL 345Structural Geology (with laboratory)4
GEOL 430Hydrogeology3
GEOL 450Field Geology4
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Engineering Geology
Applied Geophysics (with laboratory)
Environmental Geochemistry
Select one of the following:3
Research in Volcanology and Petrology (with laboratory)
Research in Geomorphology (with laboratory)
Research in Structure and Tectonics (with laboratory)
Research in Basin Analysis (with laboratory)
Required Supporting Courses
CHEM 111General Chemistry I3
CHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM 113General Chemistry II3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Laboratory II1
GEOG 340Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
MATH 151Calculus I (GT-MA1)4
MATH 251Calculus II4
Select one of the following:8
Principles of Physics I (with laboratory)
and Principles of Physics II (with laboratory)
General Physics I (with laboratory)
and General Physics II (with laboratory)
Total Credits73

Capstone Course Requirement

One of the following: GEOL 411 RESEARCH/VOLCANOLOGY&PETROLOGYGEOL 420 RESEARCH IN GEOMORPHOLOGYGEOL 435 Research in Structure and Tectonics (with laboratory) , or GEOL 465 RESEARCH IN BASIN ANALYS W/LABEDUC 409 SECONDARY STUDENT TEACHING(Secondary Licensure in Earth-Space Science Emphasis).

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate programs require a minimum of 120 semester credits for graduation.  Of those 120 credits, 40 credits must be in upper-division courses (those marked 300 and above).  Fifteen of these 40 upper-division credits must be earned in courses that are part of the standard or comprehensive major program being pursued. 

Students are expected to review all graduation requirements, which can be found in the Western Undergraduate Catalog: Graduation Requirements