Ethics and Critical Thinking Certificate

The Ethics and Critical Thinking Certificate

The Ethics and Critical Thinking Certificate is available to students who wish to enhance their respective majors with a focus on ethics, critical thinking and reasoning, or a combination of both. Graduates of the Ethics and Critical Thinking Certificate are expected to have a basic understanding of general philosophy, with a proficiency in critical thinking or ethics, depending on their chosen area of study. Through a combination of lower division skills-based courses in ethics and/or critical thinking, coupled with an upper division course focusing on a specific field of philosophy, students will graduate with the necessary breadth and depth of skill and knowledge to prepare them for the rigors of their chosen careers, as well as provide the versatility necessary to adapt to a shifting career landscape.

Students do not need any special requirements to be admitted into the Ethics and Critical Thinking Certificate.

Certificate Requirements

Continuation in the program is based on the successful completion of Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 101), followed by two of four specified lower-division philosophy courses, and one of six specified upper division philosophy courses.

PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy (GT-AH3)3
Select SIX credits of the following:6
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Ethics
Symbolic Logic
Select THREE credits of the following:3
Environmental Ethics
Eastern Philosophy
Women and Gender in Philosophy
Advanced Ethics
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Science and Epistemology
Postcolonial Philosophy
Reality and Representation
Total Credits12