Recreation and Outdoor Education Comprehensive Major: Recreation Emphasis

Program Requirements

Recreation consists of 51 credits including the 36-credit Recreation and Outdoor Education Core:

Recreation and Outdoor Education Core
ROE 182Introduction to Recreation and Outdoor Education3
ROE 189Principles of Outdoor Education3
ROE 240Alternative Programming3
ROE 283Leadership and Facilitation3
ROE 351Inquiry into Sustainability3
ROE 398Program Planning (with laboratory)3
ROE 454Human Development and Counseling for Outdoor Educators3
ROE 468Leadership and Administration3
ROE 490Recreation Philosophy and Ethics3
ROE 491Senior Seminar3
ROE 499Internship in Recreation and Outdoor Education6-9
Total Credits36-39

Medical Requirement

All Recreation and Outdoor Education majors must obtain a medical competency prior to graduation. Recreation emphasis majors must take ESS 276 Emergency Response or equivalent. Students with an emphasis in Outdoor Environmental Education, Outdoor Leadership, or Recreation and Outdoor Education Major: Comprehensive Program with Five-Year Master in Environmental Management must obtain certification as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR).

First Aid/CPR Competency and the following courses:

ESS 282Principles of Sport and Fitness Management3
ESS 450Risk Management in Physical Activity Settings3
Select one of the following:3
Outdoor Pursuits Education- Water Based (with laboratory)
Outdoor Pursuits Education- Snow Based (with laboratory)
Outdoor Pursuits Education- Land Based (with laboratory)
One of the following:3
Management of Sport and Fitness Facilities
Facilities and Administration
One of the following:3
Recreation and Sport Marketing
Entrepreneurship and Commercial Recreation
Total Credits15

Capstone Course Requirement

The following courses in the Recreation and Outdoor Education Major fulfill the capstone course requirements: ROE 499 Course ROE 499 Not Found.

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate programs require a minimum of 120 semester credits for graduation.  Of those 120 credits, 40 credits must be in upper-division courses (those marked 300 and above).  Fifteen of these 40 upper-division credits must be earned in courses that are part of the standard or comprehensive major program being pursued. 

Students are expected to review all graduation requirements, which can be found in the Western Undergraduate Catalog: Graduation Requirements