Economic and Legal Foundations in the Outdoor Industry

The Graduate Certificate in Economic and Legal Foundations in the Outdoor Industry is a focused, multidisciplinary program tailored for professionals and emerging leaders in this specialized sector. Through just three essential courses - Managerial Economics, Business Law for the Outdoor Industry, and Natural Resource Regulation and Economics - you will be equipped to make savvy business decisions, confidently navigate complex legal landscapes, and drive sustainable practices. Gain a solid grasp of fundamental economics tailored for real-world business applications, and learn the ins and outs of industry-specific legal matters from environmental regulations to contracts. Structured to provide both immediate applicability and enduring career advantages, this certificate is your fast track to becoming an indispensable asset in the high-growth, ever-evolving outdoor industry. 

Program Benefits

This certificate provides a focused educational pathway for professionals interested in elevating their expertise in the outdoor industry without the extended commitment of a full MBA program. The curriculum is designed for the scheduling needs of working professionals, offering online and evening courses for added flexibility. Rather than concentrating on generic business principles, this program delivers a specialized understanding of the economic and legal challenges unique to the outdoor industry. From an organizational perspective, this certificate serves as a strategic investment to enhance workforce capabilities, leading to improved performance metrics and employee satisfaction. Whether you are an individual seeking career advancement or an organization aiming to build internal capacities in economic decision-making and legal proficiency, this certificate program offers a specialized curriculum designed to foster smart business practices, effective legal strategies, and sustainable operational models in the outdoor industry. 

Admission Requirements 

Admission Overview: Admission to any OIMBA certificate program will be based on a comprehensive assessment of academic achievements and relevant work experience. We welcome applicants who demonstrate a keen interest and potential in the outdoor industry, regardless of their specific area of focus. The application process is conducted online and requires the following materials:

Academic Transcripts
  • Submit official or unofficial transcripts from a regionally accredited university. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to expedite application review; however, official undergraduate transcripts will be.
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is strongly recommended. Significant work experience may compensate for a lower GPA.
  • Prospective students with a BA or BS in an unrelated area may be provisionally admitted and required to complete MBA 690: MBA Essentials with a B- or higher.
Cover Letter
  • Should describe relevant interests, goals, and motivation for pursuing the OIMBA program.
  • Should demonstrate an interest and involvement in outdoor activities or the outdoor industry, though direct experience in the outdoor industry is not mandatory.
Professional Resume
  • Should highlight relevant work experience and showcase potential for positions related to the certificate being pursued.
  • More than three years of outdoor industry work experience is preferred; candidates with less experience will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Should come from professionals or academics who can attest to the applicant's potential for success in the OIMBA program. A mix of professional and academic recommendations is beneficial, though not mandatory.
Provisional Admission Policy
Applicants with incomplete credentials or who lack in certain areas may be provisionally admitted to an OIMBA certificate program, subject to the following conditions:
  • Must demonstrate the ability to manage the graduate course load effectively.
  • Provisional students may be required to earn a B- or higher in MBA 690: MBA Essentials during the fall semester pre-term.
  • Progress of provisionally admitted students will be regularly reviewed by the Program Director, with a focus on their ability to meet prescribed criteria and excel in the program.

*Candidates who do not meet the minimum GPA but have significant work experience will be considered.

**Candidates with less than three years of professional experience will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Program Requirements 

9 credits are required, including:

MBA 601Managerial Economics3
MBA 604Business Law for the Outdoor Industry3
MBA 613Natural Resource Regulation and Economics3
Total Credits9