Energy Geoscience

The Graduate Certificate in Energy Geoscience provides the geoscientist with essential technical concepts and applied skills in alternative energy, carbon and hydrogen storage, geothermal energy, energy minerals, and related economic and ESG factors and management principles. The program is offered in an asynchronous, online format delivered during fall and spring academic semesters and is designed to be completed in one year but may be completed in up to 5 years of initial enrollment.

A one-week in-person cohort-building field course, GEOL 600, is offered in mid-August. All other courses are open to students with the appropriate background and faculty approval.

Program Benefits

The Graduate Certificate in Energy Geoscience allows working professionals to upgrade their skills and recent graduates to broaden their geoscience background. Students will have access to course materials online, allowing flexibility and access to professional development, irrespective of location and work schedule. Students will remotely access state-of-the-art software to analyze subsurface data and develop geologic models. The program also offers companies an opportunity to invest in their employees, strengthening retention and job satisfaction.

Admission Requirements

Applications will be holistically reviewed by program faculty to ensure appropriate placement and student success based on past achievement and potential. A Baccalaureate degree in Geoscience or a related program from an accredited college or university, with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or appropriate work experience and background, is required.
  • Official undergraduate transcript.
  • A resume and a one-page personal statement outlining student goals and experiences.

Program Requirements 

15 credits are required, including:

GEOL 6001
GEOL 6053
GEOL 6103
GEOL 6153
GEOL 6203
GEOL 6951
GEOL 6961
Total Credits15