Applied Statistics Certificate

The influence of data continues to expand as an increasing number of fields strive to be increasingly data-driven. Correspondingly, the availability of data for analysis has increased. This certificate serves students interested in the mathematical aspects of statistics and data analysis including how to access, interpret and communicate data; how to analyze data and separate signal from noise; and how to build, validate and interpret predictive models. The certificate is available to all Western students and can be a valuable addition to any program of study. It can also stand alone for the non-degree seeking student. The Applied Statistics Certificate cannot be combined with the Data Analytics Minor or the Advanced Level Mathematics Certificate. 

The Applied Statistics Certificate consists of the following courses: 

CS 190Computer Science I3
CS 220Data Analytics3
MATH 213Probability and Statistics (GT-MA1)3
or ECON 216 Statistics for Business and Economics
MATH 260Applied Linear Algebra3
MATH 313Statistical Modeling and Simulation3
Total Credits15