Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate

Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate 

The Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate is for Western students who are motivated to enhance their education with the study of language, literature and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Graduates of the Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate are expected to have a broad understanding of and proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening (oral comprehension) to Spanish; to be acquainted with the phonology of modern Spanish dialects and to explore the sound system; to be able to read, discuss, critique, and appreciate the literary value of Hispanic literature; and to be familiar with and appreciate Hispanic civilization and culture. 

The nature of any language program, Spanish included, is rooted in offering students a diversity of perspectives and fosters the discussion and growth of what a global citizen is. Students are offered a unique setting to learn Spanish, as Western offers small class sizes. Interaction among peers and professors are among the features of the program. 

Program Benefits

Students who finish any degree and are additionally proficient in Spanish at the college level immediately enhance their opportunities to be hired in better positions once they graduate. They can become part of a select group in the workforce who can influence more people without having the need to use translators. Benefits of the Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate also include access to all the opportunities the Spanish program offers. 

Admission Requirements 

Any Western student may earn the Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate. Students are responsible for completing all necessary course prerequisites. The Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate assumes students have intermediate level Spanish proficiency prior to admission. This is demonstrated through prior college credit (AP, IB, or dual/concurrent enrollment), the CLEP exam, and/or the WebCAPE exam. More information about the CLEP and WebCAPE exams can be found here.  A minimum of 12 credits is required and six of these credits need to be Western residency-credits. Upon completion of the Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate, a student may apply for the Spanish Language and Culture Certificate. 

Program Requirements 

Continuation in the program is based on a progression through intermediate to more advanced/upper-division Spanish classes, which can be summarized as a completion of program requirements. of program requirements. A minimum of 12 credits is required and six of these credits need to be Western residency-credits. 

Core of the Advanced Spanish Proficiency Certificate:
SPAN 270Spanish Conversation and Composition3
SPAN 370Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition3
Complete two of the following:6
Spanish for Business
Spanish for Medical and Social Services
Latin American Civilization and Culture
Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Hispanic Literature
Hispanic Literature Through Film
U.S. Latino Literature
Hispanic Literature, Contemporary Authors
Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation
Syntax and Morphology of Spanish
Spanish in the U.S.
Capstone Experience
Total Credits12