Business Administration Comprehensive Major: Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management (STHM) Emphasis

Program Requirements

A minimum of 63 credits is required, including the 21-credit Base Curriculum, the 15- credit Business Administration Nucleus

Base Curriculum
ACC 201Introduction to Financial Accounting3
ACC 202Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
ECON 201Macroeconomics (GT-SS1)3
ECON 202Microeconomics3
Select one of the following mathematics courses:3-4
College Algebra (GT-MA1)
Precalculus (GT-MA1)
Calculus I (GT-MA1)
One of the following:3
Spreadsheets and Analysis
Professional Computer Skills
One of the following:3
Probability and Statistics (GT-MA1)
Statistics for Business and Economics
Total Credits21-22

The 15-credit Business Administration Nucleus forms the core for each of the emphasis areas and also comprises the bulk of the Standard Program. It is important that the student achieve a high level of understanding of the basic fundamental concepts represented by these courses to be successful in the completion of the required upper- level course work and in their business career. If BUAD 350 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management is used to satisfy the requirements of the Business Administration Nucleus, then it cannot be used to satisfy the elective requirement within the major.

Business Administration Nucleus
BUAD 185Business Communication3
BUAD 210Legal Environment of Business3
BUAD 270Principles of Marketing3
BUAD 360Managerial Finance3
One of the following:3
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Total Credits15

And the following 27 credits:

BUAD 150Introduction to Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality3
BUAD 315Advanced Business Law3
BUAD 343Sales I3
BUAD 363Business and the Environment3
BUAD 399Internship3
BUAD 482Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management3
BUAD 491Strategic Management3
Select one of the following:3
Consumer Behavior
Human Resource Management
Internship in Business Administration
Program Planning (with laboratory)
Total Credits27

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate programs require a minimum of 120 semester credits for graduation.  Of those 120 credits, 40 credits must be in upper-division courses (those marked 300 and above).  Fifteen of these 40 upper-division credits must be earned in courses that are part of the standard or comprehensive major program being pursued. 

Students are expected to review all graduation requirements, which can be found in the Western Undergraduate Catalog: Graduation Requirements

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
BUAD 101 Business of Life 3
ENG 102 Writing and Rhetoric I (GT-CO1) 3
HWTR 100 First Year Seminar 1
MATH 140 College Algebra (GT-MA1) 3
Gen Ed Natural Sciences w/lab 4
ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
ECON 201 Macroeconomics (GT-SS1) 3
Gen Ed Arts & Humanities 3
Gen Ed Natural Sciences w/lab 4
Gen Ed Social Sciences 3
Year Two
ACC 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
BUAD 150 Introduction to Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality 3
ECON 216 Statistics for Business and Economics 3
ENG 103 Writing and Rhetoric II (GT-CO2) 3
Gen Ed Arts & Humanities 3
BUAD 220 Spreadsheets and Analysis 3
BUAD 270 Principles of Marketing 3
ECON 202 Microeconomics 3
Gen Ed Arts & Humanities 3
Gen Ed Social Sciences 3
BUAD 399 Internship 3
Year Three
BUAD 185 Business Communication 3
BUAD 210 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUAD 343 Sales I 3
BUAD 337 3
BUAD 315 Advanced Business Law 3
BUAD 333
Organizational Behavior
or Human Resource Management
Elective Elective 6
BUAD 499 Internship in Business Administration 3
Year Four
BUAD 360 Managerial Finance 3
BUAD 363 Business and the Environment 3
Elective Elective 6
Elective Emphasis Elective 3
BUAD 482 Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management 3
BUAD 491 Strategic Management 3
Elective Elective 9
 Total Credits123