Communication Arts Comprehensive Major: Theatre Secondary Licensure Emphasis

Program Requirements

The Theatre Secondary Licensure Emphasis is available to students who want to become High School Theatre & Drama teachers.

A minimum of 51 credits is required, including the 9-credit Communication Arts Nucleus, six credits of upper division Communication Arts electives:

Communication Arts Nucleus
COM 205Communication Arts I3
COM 305Communication Arts II3
COM 405Communication Arts Seminar3
Total Credits9
And the following:
COM 121Introduction to Theatre (GT-AH1)3
COM 216Dramatic Literature and Script Analysis3
COM 231Stagecraft I3
COM 235Introduction to Acting3
COM 306Scriptwriting3
COM 317
Studies in Theatre
and Studies in Theatre (taken twice with different subject focus)
COM 340Stage Management3
COM 423Directing3
Three of the following Theatre courses:9
Media/ Arts Management
Acting II: Shakespeare
Stagecraft II
Scenography in Film and Theatre
Scriptwriting II
Entertainment Scenic Design
Two of the following upper-division COM electives:6
Multimedia Communication
Advanced Cinema Studies
Small Group and Conflict Management
Social Media Skills
Intercultural Communication in the Digital Age
Independent Study in Communication Arts
Special Topics

In addition, students must fulfill the requirements of the Secondary Licensure Option (see description under Education).

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
HWTR 100 First Year Seminar 1
COM 121 Introduction to Theatre (GT-AH1) 3
COM 235 Introduction to Acting 3
ENG 102 Writing and Rhetoric I (GT-CO1) 3
Gen Ed General Education 6
COM 216 Dramatic Literature and Script Analysis 3
COM 317 Studies in Theatre 3
MATH 105 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts (GT-MA1) 3
EDUC 000 Education Gateway Course 0
Gen Ed General Education 6
Year Two
COM 205 Communication Arts I 3
COM 231 Stagecraft I 3
COM 306 Scriptwriting 3
Gen Ed General Education 6
Elective Elective 3
ENG 103 Writing and Rhetoric II (GT-CO2) 3
COM 324
Acting II: Shakespeare
or Stagecraft II
COM 305 Communication Arts II 3
Gen Ed General Education 6
Year Three
COM 423 Directing 3
COM 317 Studies in Theatre 3
COM 406
Scriptwriting II
or Scenography in Film and Theatre
Gen Ed General Education 3
ElectiveCOM Elective 3
COM 405 Communication Arts Seminar 3
COM 340 Stage Management 3
COM 430
Entertainment Scenic Design
or Special Topics
EDUC 340 Application of Pedagogy and Practice 3
ElectiveCOM Elective 3
Year Four
EDUC 403 Instruction and Assessment in Content Area 3
EDUC 404 Creating Positive Learning Environments 3
EDUC 405 Data-driven Instructional Practices 3
EDUC 410 K-12 Student Teaching 3
EDUC 424 Differentiation: Applying Learner-Centered Instruction 3
EDUC 406 Content Area Literacy 3
EDUC 407 Maximizing Learning through 21st Century Skills 3
EDUC 410 K-12 Student Teaching 3
EDUC 429 Teaching English Learners for Secondary and K-12 Teachers 3
 Total Credits121