Secondary and K-12 Licensure (with a 3+2 Master of Arts in Education)

Program Requirements

The Secondary and K-12 Licensure Program requires 30 credits of Education coursework:

EDUC 000Education Gateway Course0
EDUC 340Application of Pedagogy and Practice3
Total Credits3

Secondary and K-12 Licensure Coursework to be taken year 4 of 3+ 2 Secondary and K-12 Education MAED Program.

EDUC 403Instruction and Assessment in Content Area3
EDUC 405Data-driven Instructional Practices3
EDUC 604Learning Environments3
EDUC 606Reading and Writing in the Content Area3
EDUC 607Rethinking Learning through 21st Century3
EDUC 629Inclusion and English Learners3
Six credits of the following:6
Secondary Student Teaching
K-12 Student Teaching
Total Credits24

Upon successful completion of the prescribed courses listed above, University defined General Education, and elective requirements totaling 120 credits (with 40 at the 300-level or higher), students are eligible for their B.A. conferral. Students electing to complete the MAED program must follow the balance of their declared emphasis curriculum.

Once accepted to the 3+2 Secondary and K-12 Licensure MAED Program, students must declare their MA emphasis and the School of Graduate Studies may designate the student as a "MAED degree-seeking student." Students in the Secondary and K-12 Licensure 3+2 Program may choose an MA emphasis in K-12 Online Leadership, Teacher Leadership, or Reading Leadership.

All 3+2 Secondary and K-12 Licensure students will be required to take 6 credits of 600 level education electives. Elective Education Coursework to be taken year 5 of 3 + 2 Secondary and K-12 Education MAED Program.

EDUC 600 level elective course3
EDUC 600 level elective course3
Total Credits6

For a full description of the required Graduate coursework, please see the appropriate MAED program in the Western Graduate Catalog.