English Major: Standard Program

Program Requirements

All standard majors require a minor in a second discipline or a second major.

English majors and minors must complete the required course ENG 250 Critical Approaches to Literature with a minimum grade of “C” before registering for upper-division courses in English.

A minimum of 39 credits is required, including a three-credit, upper-division literature elective, and the following:

ENG 205Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENG 250Critical Approaches to Literature3
ENG 358Global Literatures: Studies in:3
ENG 371Literary Theory and Criticism3
ENG 394Junior Seminar: Studies in:3
ENG 494Senior Seminar: Studies in:3
Select one of the following:3
Environmental Literature: Studies in:
Borderlands: Representing Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
Women and Literature
Literary Culture of the American West
Ancient World Literature
Literature and Ethnicity: Studies in:
Women Writers
Myth and Culture
Select one of the following:3
Creative Writing: Fiction
Creative Writing: Poetry
Creative Writing
Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
Select two of the following:6
British Literature: Medieval and Renaissance Texts
British Literature: Milton through the Romantics
British Literature: The Victorians to the Present Day
Major British Authors:
Select two of the following:6
American Literature Early to Civil War
American Literature-Civil War to Present
Major American Authors:
Total Credits36