Humanities and Diversity Minor

A minimum of 21 credits is required, including the following courses:

ENG 232Borderlands: Representing Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality230401
ENG 250Critical Approaches to Literature3
Two of the following:6
Environmental Literature: Studies in:
Women and Literature
Ancient World Literature
Literature and Ethnicity: Studies in:
Women Writers
Global Literatures: Studies in:
Myth and Culture
Literary Theory and Criticism
American Literature Early to Civil War
American Literature-Civil War to Present
Special Topics
Major British Authors:
Major American Authors:
Three of the following:9
Introduction to Theatre
Dramatic Literature and Script Analysis
Advanced Cinema Studies
Small Group and Conflict Management
Intercultural Communication in the Digital Age
Introduction to Philosophy
Eastern Philosophy
Women and Gender in Philosophy
Spanish for Business
Spanish for Medical and Social Services
Latin American Civilization and Culture
Hispanic Literature:
Spanish in the U.S.
Total Credits230419