Humanities and Diversity Minor

A minimum of 21 credits is required, including the following courses:

ENG 232Borderlands: Representing Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality3
ENG 250Critical Approaches to Literature3
Two of the following:6
Environmental Literature (GT-AH2)
Women and Literature
Ancient World Literature (GT-AH2)
Literature and Ethnicity: Studies in:
Women Writers
Global Literatures: Studies in: The Underworld
Myth and Culture
Literary Theory and Criticism
American Literature Early to Civil War
American Literature-Civil War to Present
Special Topics
Major British Authors: Cont. Lit. & Film
Major American Authors:
Three of the following:9
Introduction to Theatre (GT-AH1)
Dramatic Literature and Script Analysis
Advanced Cinema Studies
Small Group and Conflict Management
Intercultural Communication in the Digital Age
Introduction to Philosophy (GT-AH3)
Eastern Philosophy
Women and Gender in Philosophy
Spanish for Business
Spanish for Medical and Social Services
Latin American Civilization and Culture
SPAN 460
Spanish in the U.S.
Total Credits21