Professional Land Management Skills Certificate

The Professional Land Management Skills Certificate is for Western students looking to develop in-depth comprehension and a core set of technical skills in professional land management. Through a variety of interdisciplinary electives, students are encouraged to customize their elective coursework toward their personal professional pathway. The Professional Land Management Skills Certificate complements any course of study at Western and is particularly valuable for students seeking employment in resource production, energy development, utilities, mining, infrastructure, construction, land management, conservation, reclamation, or similar fields. 

Program Benefits 

Students who complete the Professional Land Management Skills Certificate will develop a core set of professional competencies including, but not limited to: a basic understanding of contract and real property law, the skills needed to negotiate and draft effective and sustainable contracts, the ability to read and write legal property descriptions, an understanding of rights and interests tied to property ownership, the ability to utilize mapping and other land management software, and the utilization of public records systems to chain title and identify property rights and ownership. 

Admission and Requirements  

Students are responsible for completing all necessary course prerequisites. For the purpose of this certificate, BUAD 492 Independent Study, BUAD 499 Internship in Business Administration, and BUAD 397 Special Topics courses must be related to the field of land management.  

A minimum of 15 credits is required.

Required Core for the Professional Land Management Certificate
BUAD 320Property and Contracts3
Select nine credits of the following:9
Strategic Negotiations
Energy Law and Regulation
Energy Contracts
Independent Study
Internship in Business Administration
Introduction to Public Lands Management
Our Digital Earth
Total Credits15