Property & Contract Law Certificate

The Property & Contract Law Certificate is designed for students who are interested in learning about the legal aspects of property and contracts. The program provides students with a foundational knowledge of business law and business ethics, coupled with a more advanced understanding of topics such as the basic rules of contract formation, real property law, legal descriptions, recording statutes, public records systems, and rights associated with property ownership. Students pursuing the certificate will take lower divisions courses that cover essential concepts in business law and ethics. These courses will provide students with a solid understanding of the legal frameworks and ethical considerations in the business world. The upper division course will focus specifically on property and contracts and their practical applications. In this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the basic rules of contract and real property law, the land survey systems, legal descriptions, recording statutes, public records examination, surface and mineral ownership, interest types in property, concurrent estates, calculating ownership and revenue associated with mineral development, methods of acquiring property, conveyancing, title research, mineral leasing, and ethics.  

A minimum of 9 credits are required.

Required (core):
BUAD 210Legal Environment of Business3
BUAD 320Property and Contracts3
One of the following (ethics):3
Business Ethics
Introduction to Ethics
Advanced Ethics
Accounting Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Total Credits9