Advanced Coaching Certificate

The Advanced Coaching Certificate offers a series of courses that provide critical knowledge for coaches in the areas of strength and conditioning, nutrition, risk management, sport psychology and inclusive activity. This series of courses will prepare coaches to safely and effectively create programming and instruction for athletes across the spectrum of sports and physical activity settings. 

The Advanced Coaching Certificate may be completed on its own if the student possesses the necessary prerequisites for all courses in the program or upon completion of the Foundations of Coaching Certificate. Credits completed within the program may also be applied towards the completion of any of the Emphases offered in the Exercise and Sport Science program. 

ESS 328Methods of Coaching3
ESS 346Psychology of Coaching3
ESS 360Nutrition for Wellness and Performance3
ESS 363Inclusive Physical Activity3
ESS 370Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning3
ESS 450Risk Management in Physical Activity Settings3
Total Credits18