Politics and Government Comprehensive Major: Pre-Law Emphasis

Program Requirements

A minimum of 57 credits is required including the following:

POLS 117Introduction to Political Ideas3
POLS 180Introduction to American Politics3
POLS 255Introduction to Comparative Politics (GT-SS1)3
POLS 260Introduction to World Politics (GT-SS1)3
POLS 300Constitutional Law I3
POLS 301Constitutional Law II3
POLS 309Political Theory I- Ancient to Early Modern3
POLS 310Political Theory II-Modern and Contemporary3
Select four of the following:12
Politics of the Environment
Issues in State and Local Government
The Politics of the Presidency
Politics of Social Movements
Human Rights
Politics of Development
American Foreign Policy
Political Economy
American Political Thought
The United Nations
Internship in Politics and Government
Select six of the following courses in at least four disciplines:18
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Income Tax
Legal Environment of Business
Business Law
Small Group and Conflict Management
Issues Management
American Economic Development
Women and Literature
Literary Culture of the American West
Ancient World Literature
Literature and Ethnicity: Studies in:
American Revolution and the Early Republic
U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
Emergence of the Modern U.S.
Depression and World War II
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement
Select one of the following capstone courses:3
Studies in Political Theory:
Studies in American Politics:
Studies in International Relations:
Studies in Comparative Politics:
Total Credits57