Art Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Program Requirements

To receive and maintain Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Art candidate status each semester, students must continuously create artwork outside of course assignments that exhibits the highest quality and creativity. When students receive B.F.A. in Art candidate status, they must report to their advisor for continuance in the program. The advisor is responsible for critiques, guidance, and assistance in the completion of the senior exhibition.

At the completion of the B.F.A. Foundation Program, students’ portfolios should demonstrate the criteria identified by the Art faculty and B.F.A. acceptance form. The review committee will identify students’ portfolios that reflect Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art degree potential.

Students wishing to apply for candidacy to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Program must: apply no earlier than the spring of their sophomore year and no later than the fall of their junior year, present a portfolio of recent art works, specify an emphasis of study, be in good academic standing, and have completed the following courses with a minimum grade of “C”:

ART 119Foundation Drawing I3
ART 120Foundation Drawing II3
ART 171Foundation Design: Two-Dimensional3
ART 172Foundation Design: Three-Dimensional3

All Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Majors require the 36-credit BFA Foundation Courses. All Art courses must be selected in consultation with an Art advisor.

A senior exhibition is required of all majors. A quality representation of students’ artwork from the junior and senior years is used for the senior exhibition.

BFA Foundation Courses
Fall Offerings
ART 119Foundation Drawing I3
ART 171Foundation Design: Two-Dimensional3
ART 222Art History I3
ART 319Intermediate Drawing3
ART 400Artist's Portfolio/Senior Exhibition3
ART 491Seminar in Art3
Art History (300 level)3
Spring Offerings
ART 120Foundation Drawing II3
ART 172Foundation Design: Three-Dimensional3
ART 223Art History II3
ART 419Advanced Drawing3
Art History (400 level)3
Offered both Fall and Spring
ART 000Exhibition and Convocation Attendance (six semesters with “S” grade required)0
Total Credits36