Biology Comprehensive Major: Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Emphasis

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Emphasis 

The Fisheries and .Aquatic Ecology Emphasis requires a minimum of 69 credits, including the 26-credit Biology Nucleus, 22 additional credits in Biology, and 21 credits of supporting courses: 

Required Biology courses:
BIOL 302Ecology Laboratory and Recitation2
BIOL 467Biology of Fishes3
BIOL 468Ichthyology Laboratory1
BIOL 470Fisheries Management (with laboratory)4
BIOL 476Aquatic Ecology (with laboratory)4
One of the following organismal courses:3-4
Ornithology (with laboratory and recitation)
Mammalogy (with laboratory and recitation)
Invertebrate Zoology with Laboratory
Field Entomology (with laboratory)
Botany (with laboratory)
Rocky Mountain Flora
Spring Fungi Rocky Mountains (with laboratory)
One of the following:3
Conservation Biology
At least two credits of Capstone Experience courses:2
Senior Seminar (may be repeated)
Senior Thesis
Minimum supporting courses:
CHEM 231Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry3
CHEM 234Introductory Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory1
MATH 151Calculus I (GT-MA1)4
MATH 213Probability and Statistics3
PHYS 140Introductory Physics (with laboratory) (GT-SC1)4
At least three credits of the following communications and writing courses:3
Public Relations Communication
Multimedia Communication
Small Group and Conflict Management
Social Media Skills
Technical Writing
Writing the Environment
At least three credits of the following human dimensions courses:3
BIOL 430Wildlife Ecology and Management (with laboratory)4
Environmental Economics
Introduction to Climate Policy
Introduction to Public Lands Management
Quantitative Skills for Climate Action Planning
U.S. and Western Environmental Politics
Water Policy and Politics
The Water Planet
The Colorado Water Workshop
Advanced Climate Policy
Climate Action Planning
Total Credits47-48

Degree Plan 

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
BIOL 151 Diversity and Patterns of Life (with laboratory) 4
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I (GT-SC2) 3
CHEM 112 General Chemistry Laboratory I (GT-SC1) 1
ENG 102 Academic Writing (GT-CO1) 3
HWTR 100 First Year Seminar 1
MATH 140 College Algebra (GT-MA1) 3
BIOL 150 Biological Principles (with laboratory) (GT-SC1) 4
CHEM 113 General Chemistry II 3
CHEM 114 General Chemistry Laboratory II 1
MATH 141 Precalculus (GT-MA1) 4
Gen Ed General Education (Area III) 3
Year Two
BIOL 301 General Ecology 3
BIOL 302 Ecology Laboratory and Recitation 2
COM 202 Academic Writing and Inquiry (GT-CO2) 3
MATH 213 Probability and Statistics 3
Gen Ed General Education (Area I) 3
BIOL 310 Cell Biology 3
CHEM 231 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry 3
CHEM 234 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory 1
MATH 151 Calculus I (GT-MA1) 4
Gen Ed General Education (Area I) 3
Year Three
BIOL 312 Genetics (with recitation) 4
BIOL elective BIOL upper division elective
Elective Communications/writing elective
Gen Ed General Education (Area I) 3
PHYS 140 Introductory Physics (with laboratory) (GT-SC1) 4
BIOL 467 Biology of Fishes 3
BIOL 468 Ichthyology Laboratory 1
Elective Human Dimensions elective course 3
Gen Ed General Education (Area III) 3
Gen Ed/Elective Other GE or Upper Division Biology Electives 6
Year Four
BIOL 470 Fisheries Management (with laboratory) 4
BIOL 476 Aquatic Ecology (with laboratory) 4
BIOL 495
Senior Seminar
or Senior Thesis
Elective Upper division elective course 3
Gen Ed General Education (Area III) 3
BIOL 440 Conservation Biology 3
BIOL 495
Senior Seminar
or Senior Thesis
Elective Remaining elective courses 3-10
 Total Credits107-114