Exercise and Sport Science Comprehensive Major: Clinical Exercise Science Emphasis

Program Requirements

A minimum of 73 credits is required, including the 15-credit Exercise and Sport Science Nucleus:

To graduate, all exercise and sport science majors must complete ESS 181 Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science and ESS 185 Lifetime Wellness with a minimum grade of “C”:

Exercise and Sport Science Nucleus
ESS 181Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science3
ESS 185Lifetime Wellness3
ESS 320Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity3
ESS 490Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity3
Select one of the following ESS Captone courses: 13
Senior Seminar in Exercise and Sport Science
K-12 Student Teaching
Internship in Exercise and Sport Science
Total Credits15

First Aid/CPR competency and the following:

BIOL 150Biological Principles (with laboratory)4
BIOL 372Human Anatomy and Physiology I (with laboratory)4
BIOL 373Human Anatomy and Physiology II (with laboratory)4
CHEM 111General Chemistry I3
CHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM 113General Chemistry II3
CHEM 114General Chemistry Laboratory II1
ESS 275Motor Development and Learning3
ESS 298Fitness Instruction3
ESS 330Exercise Physiology3
ESS 331Exercise Physiology Lab1
ESS 380Biomechanics3
ESS 410Assessment and Exercise Prescription3
ESS 411Wellness Elevated I3
ESS 412Exercise Biochemistry3
ESS 430Topics in Clinical Exercise Physiology3
ESS 431Wellness Elevated II3
MATH 140College Algebra (GT-MA1)3
PHYS 140Introductory Physics (with laboratory)4
One of the following:3
Basic Nutrition
Nutrition for Wellness and Performance
Total Credits58

Chiropractic Education

Western has a 3+1 agreement with Palmer College of Chiropractic. Students must complete 90 credits at Western, including General Education and the Clinical Exercise Science Emphasis. Students who meet Palmer’s entrance requirements may enroll at one of the three Palmer campuses, and after successful completion of the first year of the D.C. program, receive credit for completion of their fourth year at Western, transferring Palmer credits back to Western in order to complete their undergraduate degree. Appropriate coursework should be taken in consultation with an academic advisor.