Sport Management Certificate

The Sport Management Certificate offers a series of courses focused on providing foundational knowledge and skills required of successful sport management professionals in areas such as sport marketing, facility management, event/program planning, leadership, social issues, and risk management. Students must complete five courses taught by the Exercise & Sport Science (ESS) and Recreation and Outdoor Education (ROE) faculty. Credits completed within the Certificate program may also be applied towards the completion of Emphases and Minors offered in the ESS and ROE programs. 

The Sport Management Certificate is a 15 credit, online opportunity open to all students and may be completed in as few as two semesters. Select courses are offered each fall and spring, and during the summer sessions. 

ESS 282Principles of Sport and Fitness Management3
Two of the following:6
Management of Sport and Fitness Facilities
Risk Management in Physical Activity Settings
Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity
Two of the following:6
Recreation and Sport Marketing
Program Planning (with laboratory)
Leadership and Administration
Total Credits15