Exercise and Sport Science Comprehensive Major: Health and Fitness Emphasis

Program Requirements

A minimum of 62 credits is required, including the 15-credit Exercise and Sport Science Nucleus:

To graduate, all exercise and sport science majors must complete ESS 181 Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science and ESS 185 Lifetime Wellness with a minimum grade of “C”:

Exercise and Sport Science Nucleus
ESS 181Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science3
ESS 185Lifetime Wellness3
ESS 320Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity3
ESS 490Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity3
Select one of the following ESS Captone courses: 13
Senior Seminar in Exercise and Sport Science
K-12 Student Teaching
Internship in Exercise and Sport Science
Total Credits15

First Aid/CPR Competency and the following:

ESS 201Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology (with Lab)4
ESS 275Motor Development and Learning3
ESS 298Fitness Instruction3
ESS 330Exercise Physiology3
ESS 331Exercise Physiology Lab1
ESS 370Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning3
ESS 380Biomechanics3
ESS 385Program Design of Physical Activity Settings3
ESS 410Assessment and Exercise Prescription3
ESS 411Wellness Elevated I3
ESS 450Risk Management in Physical Activity Settings3
One of the following:3
Basic Nutrition
Nutrition for Wellness and Performance
One of the following:3
Management of Sport and Fitness Facilities
Facilities and Administration
Select three of the following:9
Mental Training for Peak Performance
Psychology of Injury
Inclusive Physical Activity
Topics in Physical Activity
Total Credits47