Art Bachelor of Arts Degree

Program Requirements

All majors require a total of 24 credits of Art Foundation Courses in addition to specific Art emphasis course requirements. A senior exhibition or an art history senior thesis is required of all majors. A quality representation of the student’s artwork from their junior and senior years is used for the senior exhibition.

Art Foundation Courses
Fall Offerings
ART 119Foundation Drawing I3
ART 171Foundation Design: Two-Dimensional3
ART 222Art History I3
ART 400Artist's Portfolio/Senior Exhibition3
Spring Offerings
ART 120Foundation Drawing II3
ART 172Foundation Design: Three-Dimensional3
ART 223Art History II3
Offered both Fall and Spring
ART 000Exhibition and Convocation Attendance (six semesters with “S” grade required)0
ART 319Intermediate Drawing3
Total Credits24