Computer Science Major: Standard Program

Program Requirements

All standard majors require a minor in a second discipline or a second major.

A minimum of 42 credits is required, including the 30-credit Computer Science Core:

Computer Science Core
CS 190Computer Science I3
CS 191Computer Science II3
CS 195Database Management Systems3
CS 250Web Applications Development I3
CS 280Data Structures3
CS 330Operating Systems and Architecture3
CS 370Systems Programming in C3
CS 412Software Engineering3
CS 470Algorithms3
CS 495Senior Project3
Total Credits30

And the following:

MATH 140College Algebra (GT-MA1)3
or MATH 141 Precalculus (GT-MA1)
or MATH 151 Calculus I (GT-MA1)
Three of the following:9
Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Programming Projects with X
Genome Analysis (with laboratory)
Programming Languages
Computer Graphics
Web Applications Development II
System Security
Big Data Analytics
The Internet of Things
Software Entrepreneurship
Software Engineering II
Mobile Development
CS 440 Distributed Computer for Machine Learning and Data Analytics
Ethical Hacking and Malware
Network Security
Internship or Field Experience in Computer Science
Introduction to Cryptography
Total Credits12

Capstone Course Requirement

The following course fulfills the capstone course requirement in the Computer Science Major: CS 495 SENIOR PROJECT.

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate programs require a minimum of 120 semester credits for graduation.  Of those 120 credits, 40 credits must be in upper-division courses (those marked 300 and above).  Fifteen of these 40 upper-division credits must be earned in courses that are part of the standard or comprehensive major program being pursued. 

Students are expected to review all graduation requirements, which can be found in the Western Undergraduate Catalog: Graduation Requirements