History Major: Standard Program

Program Requirements

All standard majors require a minor in a second discipline or a second major.

A minimum of 42 credits is required including the following:

Select two of the following 100 level courses:3
World History to 1500 (GT-HI1)
World History Since 1500 (GT-HI1)
U.S. History to 1865 (GT-HI1)
U.S. History Since 1865 (GT-HI1)
Select two of the following courses in regional history:3
A History of Africa (GT-HI1)
History of East Asia
History of Southeast Asia
Introduction to Latin American History (GT-HI1)
And the following:
HIST 200Historical Inquiry3
HIST 402Engaging the Past3
History Electives 121
Total Credits33

No more than six credits in independent studies, internships or correspondence courses can be counted toward any History Major.