Art Comprehensive Major: Art History and Theory Emphasis

Program Requirements

A minimum of 54 credits is required, including the 24 credits of Art Foundation Courses, six credits of Art electives, six credits of non-art supporting courses selected in consultation with an Art History advisor:

Art Foundation Courses
Fall Offerings
ART 119Foundation Drawing I3
ART 171Foundation Design: Two-Dimensional3
ART 222Art History I3
ART 400Artist's Portfolio/Senior Exhibition3
Spring Offerings
ART 120Foundation Drawing II3
ART 172Foundation Design: Three-Dimensional3
ART 223Art History II3
Offered both Fall and Spring
ART 000Exhibition and Convocation Attendance (six semesters with “S” grade required)0
ART 319Intermediate Drawing3
Total Credits24

And the following 18 credits:

Fall Offerings
ART 324Art Criticism and Critical Theory in Contemporary Art3
ART 421Art of Mesoamerica and the Andean of South America 13
ART 422Native American Art of North America 13
Spring Offerings
ART 321American Art: Colonial to Modern 13
ART 325Women Artists 13
ART 424Modern Art History, Aesthetics, Theory, and Criticism3
Total Credits18